IVF journey episode 2: First contact with the clinic TRUE STORY

The very first contact with the Clinic was kind a reserved from my side. Sure I made an appointment, but everything I hoped for was a natural conception with a healthy baby nine months after. Although my heart wanted to follow this „lets fate decide“ path, my brain had the final word: pre-implantation...


„The PGD result has arrived, for more information, please visit our clinic.“ I took a deep breath and hit the road. Now it's all or nothing. I was nervous like never before in my life. The word „negative“ would be the most positive news ever! PGD result I did not prepare for the „it's over“ variant....

IVF costs USA vs Europe

When doing your IVF treatment in the States you pay approximately 13.000 USD ☝🏻only for the treatment! What if you could spend half the cost for IVF treatment and enjoy a nice vacation? How does that sound to you? For more information reach us here.

Emotionally preparing for Christmas when trying to conceive

I always loved Christmas, until we couldn’t get pregnant. Christmas is so family & children-focused and a constant reminder of what you don’t have when you are trying to get pregnant. Of course, I had a great family around me, nieces and nephews but that yearning for ‘your own’ baby takes...

Top 5 Tips for a First Time Visitor to Prague

If this is your first time traveling to Prague, it can be a bit overwhelming. We understand that there may be stresses taking place. We decided to put together a list of suggestions that may be helpful until you get acclimated to the great city. ​ 1. Take Public Transportation The...

Things you can do to help make your fertility funds stretch

IVF funding
There are so many choices you face when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Don’t let your choice in fertility care be a tough decision. Here are some easy things you can do to help make your fertility funds stretch. Location, location, location In some countries, your money can get you...

When things don't go as planned

In the fertility process, there are ups and downs. And the downs can be devastating. When an individual receives the news that their eggs or sperm aren’t of good quality, then they are suddenly faced with limited options that could quickly add to their expenses in order to start a family of their...

Is Age Just a Number?

You may find yourself 40 or older and hoping to start having children. And you’re wondering, is it too late? You study longer and build a career or you take time to find a partner and settle down. Is age just a number when it comes to getting pregnant? This is a sensitive topic. And our stance is...

It's time to talk seriously about Infertility

After spending so much time avoiding pregnancy, you are now ready to settle down and start a family. But...somehow, it seems more difficult than you thought. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), if you are a couple failing to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular...

We remain in contact with Medistella

One of our former clients sent us an updated picture and it was so cute, we asked if we could share it along with their experience. They were happy to answer our questions and we hope you find some confirmation of the help and services Medistella* offers. Contact us and let us become a benefit to...

Beautiful Beginnings

My husband and I were recommended to Medistella by my local Irish fertility consultant. We were seeking IVF treatment and the standard of care and service in the Czech Republic greatly appealed to us. Our Irish consultant reassured us that Medistella would help us to identify and...

THE “WHAT HAPPENED” MEETING with your fertility doctor after a failed cycle

Working in the IVF industry has brought to light that many women have similar experiences and feelings. In fact, most women will (at some point) have a “what happened” meeting after a failed cycle with their fertility doctor. And, no one has the answer. There are theories, but no answers. And, it...

Kommen wir zum Endometriumkratzen

Wir werden oft nach verschiedenen Verfahren oder Methoden gefragt, die in Kliniken angeboten werden um Ihre Erfolgschancen verbessern könnten. Reden wir über das Kratzen der Gebärmutterschleimhaut. WAS IST ES? Endometriumkratzen ist ein einfaches Verfahren, das von Ihrem Gynäkologen durchgeführt...

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