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We are an IVF patient advocate service, connecting your IVF needs with personalized IVF answers.

We are an IVF patient advocate service, connecting your IVF needs with personalized IVF answers.

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  • Kate H.

    Kate H. / USA

    "I have been on the IVF/IUI journey for a year now. Not long, however during this time, I have had 3 unsuccessful IUI's, and 4 failed IVF's. I have changed clinics 4 times, just looking for someone that will understand, be open minded, and try to find a solution, not just repeat standard protocols with same results. Just when I thought I will again have to go with another "factory" doctor, I totally coincidentally spoke to Anna on email, and ended up discussing my problem. She immediately referred me to a clinic she thought could would be a great match for me.. She scheduled a free consultation for me, and boy was she right!!! Just a few mins into the conversation I knew this Dr is the one! I am so excited to start next month! Thank you Medistella!!! 💝"

  • Karine

    Karine / France

    "Quelle belle rencontre , avons nous fait en la personne de Véronika! Elle a été notre coordinatrice durant nos échanges avec la clinique et nous a accompagné sur tous les préparatifs pour venir et séjourner à Prague. Véronika nous a été d'une grande aide et nous lui sommes reconnaissants. On ne connaît pas l'issu de notre essai bébé mais cela n'aura aucune incidence sur notre ressenti vis à vis de médistella."

    "What a beautiful meeting we made in the person with Véronika! She was our coordinator during our discussions with the clinic and she also assisted us from the preparation until we came to Prague. Véronika has been a great help to us and we are grateful for her. We do not know the outcome of our pregnancy test yet but it will have no impact on our feelings about Medistella."

  • Peni

    Peni / Slovenia

    "I found Medistella by chance in a Facebook group. I had an abortion last year and I barely picked myself up well. The intention was just to explore my further options in the Czech Republic, so I contacted Anna. She introduced me to all the options, answered all my questions and with her help I found it easier to decide on a clinic.

    I cannot praise all her support and the positives she offered me before, during and after the procedure. She answered all my questions diligently and very quickly, which is so important. I will always be grateful to her for all the support and positivity. I believe she came into my life with some purpose and I can only say that I afford everyone such a beautiful and positive experience.

    Contact Medistella, I promise you will not regret it!"

  • Nanette

    Nanette / USA

    "I have 1-year old twins thanks to a successful round of IVF in Prague. We found our Fertility clinic thanks to Medistella. I had done a lot of research online and had previously done IVF in Greece through another coordinator. When we decided to try again we were considering Czech Republic along with severalk countries but when we found Medistella they helped us choose the best clinic and the best prices. When I look back and compare my experience in Greece and Prague, my time with Medistella and our chosen clinic was just so much better - not even taken into account our success and having twins." Watch more on our Youtube chanel here.

  • Klára

    Klára / Česká republika

    "Doporučuji... MEDISTELLU 100%spokojenost. Holky jsou úžasný.. .A operace mi otevřela další možnosti v životě.. Už nejsem závislá na brýlích. 😎"

  • Our patients who wished to stay anonymous

    Our patients who wished to stay anonymous / Ireland

    "I personally would recommend IVF abroad, I know it's not for everyone but we found it so straight forward and easy. When we arrived at the clinic we were so relieved as it was clean and state of the art. These people knew what they were doing and we felt safe with them. The procedure itself took no time and we flew home two days later having had a lovely break in Prague. Everything went completely smoothly and according to plan. Each step was explained to us even before we arrived." Read more here.

  • Cori

    Cori / USA

    "Medistella has been amazing through the whole process and basically they were the ones who bridged the gap from doing IVF here in Kansas City, Missouri where we live to doing IVF abroad - in Prague. They've have made the whole process amazing. We couldn't have asked for better experience because of Medistella." Watch Cori's video where she shares more here.

  • Marta

    Marta / Czech Republic

    "I underwent a blepharoplasty with Medistella support at one of their partner clinics in Prague. The clinic is very luxury with 5 stars service. The whole process exceeded my expectations! I really appreciate their professionalism and empathy which helped me to feel relaxed and with no concerns." See more about Marta's journey here

    "S Medistellou jsem podstoupila operaci víček na jejich partnerské klinice v Praze. Klinika je velmi luxusní - jako 5hvězdičkový hotel. Celý proces předčil má očekávání. Oceňuji profesionalitu a empatii, které mě pomohla se zrelaxovat a nemyslet na své obavy." Pokud se chcete podívat na zákrok Marty, zde je více.

  • Our patients from the UK

    Our patients from the UK / UK

    "This is a very hard and long journey and have an amazing consultant makes it much easier especially as we are coming to a country we have not travelled to before."

  • Laetitia

    Laetitia / France

    "Merci à medistella en particulier à Veronika qui a été d'un très grand soutien autant sur le point moral que pratique (transport, Conseil d'hotel, visites...)
    Les réponses étaient toujours rapides, un allié de poids dans ce parcours, n'hésitez pas à utiliser leurs services qui ont été gratuits pour nous."

  • Susan

    Susan / Deutschland

    "Wenn der Weg in Deutschland zu Ende ist, oder einfach was anderes gemacht werden muss, was in Deutschland nicht erlaubt.

    Ich selber war 2 mal in Tschechien. Das erste mal dachte ich. Ich kann mir alleine eine Klinik suchen die sind ja alle gleich. Dummer Fehler. Wir würden komplett ausgenutzt. Waren ja die dummen Deutschen.
    Nun bei der Ems hatten wir auch total viele Kliniken zur Auswahl. Und irgendwann schrieb ich Jana Zavřelová an.

    Dank ihr bin ich beim ersten Versuch nun schwanger und hoffe ich bleibe es auch.

    Sie hat mir immer zugehört und mir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite gestanden und tut das immernoch. Dabei es ja nun abgeschlossen ist.

    Ich habe bei ihr nie das Gefühl da es ihr um unser Geld geht. Sondern das sie will, das unser Wunsch erfüllt wird. Und das ist bei unseren schweren Weg wichtig.

    Also wenn ihr vorhabt ins Ausland zugehen. Egal was ihr da machen wollt an Behandlungen, bei ihr seit ihr gut aufgehoben.

    Vielen Dank liebe Jana das du immer ein offenes Ohr für mich hast."

  • Shez Jackson

    Shez Jackson / UK

    "Hi I used medistella this year July 22rd to the 26th July 2019 and I have to say it was the best service one could ask for, I had upper and lower blepharoplasty and I am someone who has panic attacks and has never travelled alone, but Anna from Medistella put all that to ease for me and I am very grateful for that, I was met as promised at the airport and taken to my beautiful apartment . With all the visit's to the clinic I was provided with transport and Anna herself was also with me during my operation day which was very nice and took me back to my apartment.
    I really do highly recommend using Mediistella for any given cosmetic procedure you need.
    Thank You Medistella"

  • Giulia

    Giulia / Italy

    “Grazie infinite Anna che In un momento di sfiducia e paure sei stato il nostro Angelo, la nostra guida! Hai reso il nostro percorso di procreazione assistita meno difficile... hai trasmesso tanta serenità sin dal giorno che ci hai guidato nella scelta della clinica, ci hai portato passo dopo passo a coronare il nostro sogno. Grazie Medistella perché oggi c’è un cuoricino in più a battere”

  • Kristen

    Kristen /USA

    "We are looking forward to meeting you as well! We've had such a wonderful experience with Medistella so far and Leah has been AMAZING!"

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer /Ireland

    "We met Anna and Michaela in the summer of 2018 and have had a very positive experience dealing with them since we decided to go to Prague in Spring 2019 - they have been very attentive and respond very quickly to our queries. Anna's presence on the days we attended the clinic made us both at ease and it was great to see a familiar face. The clinic recommended has been great and even though we have yet to achieve our dream of a baby, we feel that leaving Ireland behind us and going through Prague will get us there and having Medistella on our side is a great resource."

  • Our patient who wished to stay anonymous

    Our patient who wished to stay anonymous /UK

    "Morning Medistella team! We had our early scan yesterday - we have one healthy baby with a strong heart beat!  Both delighted, baby due in December 2019. Thank you so much for all you have done for us! Best wishes!"

  • Jennifer & Richard

    Jennifer & Richard /USA

    "Our last night in Prague. Tomorrow we head back to London for a few days and then fly back to the States on Saturday. I want to thank Anna Dostálová for her hard work to get us here and for being a fantastic hostess. Na shledanou!"

  • Our patient who proceeded her therapy in January 2019 and wished to stay anonymous

    Our patient who proceeded her therapy in January 2019 and wished to stay anonymous / Ireland

    "We are very grateful for your help and Anna´s help on this journey of ours. It was great to have you both in our corner. Our experience with your partner clinic in Prague, the clinic that you recommended, was excellent. We are very very happy overall with the experience we have had from start to finish. All the staff we dealt with were professional, kind and honest. We are hoping to be in contact with you again soon with more good news. We have all done as much as we can do....... now it's down to mother nature. Again we would like to thank you all sincerely for everything."

  • Angela

    Angela /USA

    "Everyone has been wonderful in every aspect of this journey for myself and my husband. The physician is very knowledgable and answered all my questions. He spoke to me in a very respectful way and made me feel very relaxed and confident about this procedure. Everyone at his office who I have had contact with has been very helpful and supportive, quick to answer our questions, and to forward any information I might need. Everyone in your office has been helpful. I have not felt pressured to make any quick decisions and believe I have made the right choice by working with your company."

  • Our lovely patient who wished to stay anonymous

    Our lovely patient who wished to stay anonymous / Ireland

    "As anyone who is going through Fertility treatment knows it is a very anxious time. Then if you have to travel to another country for treatment this is an added concern as you don’t know what Clinic to go, travelling etc. I was recommended Medistella by my Doctor here. Michaela from Medistella was the lady that was looking after me. She was absolutely fantastic with her advice and help. She recommended a nice clinic with a lovely Doctor. The Fertility nurse was such a caring person. Michaela was in touch with me through the whole process, from finding a suitable Clinic, the initial Consultation and the treatment. She recommended hotels and even things to do when we were in Prague. If there was anything at all I needed, she helped me. Michaela and her colleague Anna are just so brilliant at their job. They are kind, supportive and caring and they are helping me to have my dream of a baby come true. I would highly recommend Medistella to anyone that is trying to have a baby. They are just amazing."

  • Michelle

    Michelle /Ireland

    "Hi Michaela, Thanks for everything. You have been very helpful. This process has not been difficult at all and I thought it would be."

  • Laureli

    Laureli / Australia

    "I cannot praise Medistella enough. My experience from the moment I first spoke with Anna to now (I’m 15 weeks 🤰 pregnant) has been absolutely amazing. The support offered has been that of a dear, trusted friend. Anna has been there every step of the way in my egg donation journey, no question was ever too small or insignificant and she always responded very promptly, which is important especially at the beginning when you feel somewhat lost and overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole situation. Michaela too was incredibly helpful in offering accommodation suggestions, and both Anna and Michaela very kindly came to meet me and my partner on the day of our egg transfer. I was very confident in their recommendations of a clinic for me, and I could not have been happier with my choice! Please do not hesitate in contacting Medistella, it will change your life."

  • Nicky

    Nicky /UK

    "You have been so supportive of me and I am truly grateful to have you on my side. Your team makes such a massive difference to our journey as mum...thank you!"

  • Patient who wishes to stay anonymous

    Patient who wishes to stay anonymous / Croatia

    It isn't an easy decision when it comes to chosing the right clinic for you, the best doctor and coordinator who are going to support you all the way till the pregnancy is confirmed, to check upon you and see if you need something or just to ask how you feel. Anna helped us choose the clinic with her valuable advices and pointing out all the important things to bear in mind. She kept me well informed and genuinely cared about me as a person. She was a great support and from the very beginning it felt like having a new best friend on your side :) My first attempt has not resulted in a positive pregnancy but I would recommend Medistella to everyone going through fertility treatment as their knowledge and commitment to the patient trully makes a difference.

  • Jane

    Jane / Australia

    I cannot recommend Medistella highly enough! These ladies are absolutely amazing, going above and beyond anything I had expected or anticipated. Beginning a very sensitive and uncertain journey such as IVF treatment can be unnerving, however, the consultants at Medistella made the whole process so easy and normal. Every query no matter how small was responded to very quickly and any concerns were addressed with compassion and understanding. I felt incredibly supported every step of the way, I am just so happy I followed my instincts and chose to contact Medistella. If you are considering treatment through Medistella, just do it - today!

  • Eleonora

    Eleonora / Italy

    "I was impressed by humanity's availability of Medistella. Beyond the support and quick answers in every doubt that assaults each of us. Is important that I can be a witness of the professionalism of the clinic presented to me. I got pregnant and I owe it to them only."

  • Rachel

    Rachel / Ireland

    "I know Michaela through receiving medical treatment in the Czech Republic as she looked after me as a patient. As well as having amazing English! She had such a great knowledge of the treatment, while also referring to the relevant medical experts to get further information for me to put my mind at rest. She has this amazing ability to tune into your requirements and needs on both a physical and emotional level which I found a great support. Even though it was medical treatment, Michaela was able to also tune into my personality and communicate in such a way that I looked forward to talking to her, in what was a sometimes stressful and emotional journey, I felt like I had a professional friend supporting me through it! Michaela showed just the perfect balance of knowledge, patience and kindness which I was truly grateful for and I think played a big part in the success of the treatment for me feeling ready and supported."

  • Mary

    Mary / United Kingdom

    "Meeting Medistella team was a key moment along our journey to become parents. I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years when my friend recommended to get in touch with Medistella.com. From the first contact, Anna and her team put me immediately at ease and I found the whole procedure much more relaxing. I did not know much about the services in the Czech Republic, but I was nicely surprised. I can never thank enough."

  • Jane

    Jane / Ireland

    "I can only say thank you to my stars! These girls are incredible and I would recommend anyone who is struggling to conceive get in touch with them. They are so supportive, so knowledgeable, empathetic and so good at what they do."

  • Dianna

    Dianna / Canada

    Going through IVF is no easy task. Especially when traveling so far away for treatment. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin or who to trust. I was so fortunate to come across Medistella! Medistella is a group of women that are honest, knowledgeable and so very kind. They helped guide me and support me when I was making my final decision on my clinic of choice and supported me throughout the entire process. Although I traveled so far to seek treatment, I felt so calm and knew I was in good hands. It made the process that much easier. 
    I am blessed to have had success on my first try! 

    I would highly recommend Medistella to anyone who is feeling lost, doubtful and overwhelmed about the whole IVF process.  These Medistella women are invested in your care and will be cheering you along the way. They will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️.  

  • Anna B.

    Anna B. / Sweden

    "We are very happy with you ❤️ It is very nice to have your support! It felt safe choosing clinic when we had your support and we loved the hotel you recommended and booked for us.

    Thank you so much for everything!"

  • Sonia

    Sonia / France

    "Rien de cela n aurai ete possible sans votre gentillesse, votre bienveillance et votre professionalisme alors merci a vous, merci a Veronika, a Julie et au doncteur Natalia ainsi que toutes les personnes qui se sont occupées de nous Thank You SO MUCH ❤️ Ferticare c est de loin la meilleure clinique dans laquelle on a pu se rendre et je ne cesserai de la recommander."

  • Our patients who wished to stay anonymous

    Our patients who wished to stay anonymous / Ireland

    "We are very grateful for all the help we received from Medistella. From informing us of and introducing us to our clinic, to organising accupuncture, and forwarding details of accommodation. It was very reassuring for us to know we could contact you during the process."

  • Our patients who wished to stay anonymous

    Our patients who wished to stay anonymous / Germany

    "I highly recommend Medistella! First of all because they are super lovely, caring and give you the genuine feeling that they want to make your dream come true. The are so many questions at the beginning and they take so much pressure off the whole process. Knowing that they provide you with the best matching clinic is also a huge a huge advantage as we wouldn't have known where to start!" 

  • A. K.

    A. K. / United Kingdom

    "We would also like to thank Medistella and Kristen, who was absolutely amazing to me throughout my treatment at Vista x" 

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