Tips to helping minimize potential illness along the way when traveling for your IVF

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I'm sure we can all agree that traveling while sick is absolutely no fun!

Well, after the pandemic we guess nobody even tries...Despite the fact this article was written in 2019 we still think it's worth keeping as something you need to know when doing your Fertility treatment abroad. 

To ensure your trip is the best it can be and to limit any further complications in the process, keeping you and your partner's immunity strong is a very important factor. Being in airports and on planes during what can be a stressful time can be the perfect storm that can make sickness a part for your trip. Before we took our trip to Prague in January 2019, we started to implement a few things into our daily practice to have a strong immunity starting out. Upon traveling we added a few trusty things to our protocol.

Leading up to our trip, we took Vitamin D and Vitamin C daily.

Both were recommended by my doctor and considered safe in the process of trying to get pregnant. After talking with many health-conscious friends and doing a lot of research, I stumbled upon my new favorite immunity-building supplement. It's called propolis throat spray and it's made by Bee Keepers Naturals. I loved that it's all-natural, provides strong immune support, tastes like honey, and kept my husband and me healthy through all our travels in the midst of flu season. It's as simple as daily spraying it 4 times onto your tongue. It can be found online directly at their website and is also sold on Amazon.

Since it was flu season, we also purchased a few facemasks like you see at doctor's offices.

We wore the masks on the flights to eliminate the germs that were being circulated for our 8-hour flight. Did we feel kind of silly with them on? Yes, but it was so worth it. (Note from Medistella* team in 2021: silly in 2019 vs. standard in 2021 and Covid craziness). Lastly, disinfectant wipes are a must in my opinion along with hand sanitizer. There's no telling how sterilized the surfaces are that we come in contact with upon travel. When we got to our assigned seats, we wiped down the surfaces that we would be coming into contact with. All of these above-mentioned things are just tips to help you minimize potential illness along the way. Take them or leave them. In the midst of treatment, staying healthy was a huge bonus for us to be able to find some enjoyment in Prague and I hope the same for all of you.

Here's to safe and healthy travels. Enjoy!

Author: Leah

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