Things you can do to help make your fertility funds stretch

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There are so many choices you face when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Don’t let your choice in fertility care be a tough decision. Here are some easy things you can do to help make your fertility funds stretch.

Location, location, location

In some countries, your money can get you top-quality treatment with the latest technology for less. For example, IVF with ICSI in the Czech Republic is around 2,500 USD vs Greece 2,750 USD vs Spain 4,400 USD vs USA 13,000 USD. *Prices are current as of March 2022 with conversion to USD. Based on this, you could save up to 10,000 USD!

Good success rates

A clinic with good success rates could mean that your procedure will work with less attempts. And that could save you thousands of dollars.

Packaged deals with added benefits

Some clinics bundle common items together and may include a discount or added amenity at no extra cost. And that could save you hundreds of dollars. Be sure to look over the included package items and compare them to individual prices per item, this will ensure you don’t overpay for something you’re not interested in.


Yes, guarantees can be important BUT be sure to read through them carefully. Not all clinics offer a guarantee because they are optimistic about a successful pregnancy quickly in your therapy. Some clinics use a guarantee to hide their faults. And some guarantees are more expensive. If you find a good guarantee (like if you aren’t pregnant after 2 attempts, your 3rd is free) then this means a clinic stands behind their expertise and wants success for you BUT be careful, “free” doesn’t cover certain costs (like vitrification, donor expenses, etc). A good guarantee may save you hundreds of dollars over the long run.


This can mean a lot of things, but consider how convenience saves you time (and time is money). If you can get your exams, medications, and procedure all in the same place, then that is super convenient and possibly a cost saver from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Travel expenses

You may be amazed that adding flights, accommodations, transportation, and daily expenses (like eating) can stretch a lot further in some countries than in others. Compare the USA price to the Czech Republic price, you can easily have travel expenses of less than 10,000 USD (the current difference for IVF with ICSI between the 2 countries), which saves you a ton of money.


Build a spreadsheet if you must. Ultimately, spending a little time looking up your options can probably narrow down your choice based on a budget very quickly. Saving you some money.

So, grab your calculator and see how you can make your fertility funds stretch. OR contact Medistella* team, we have crunched the numbers for you and we’d love to provide you with top choices that meet your needs. Plus we work with quality clinics that have great success rates. Don’t wait, let us send you some information and pricing that fits.

Author: Andrea

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