Fertility Treatments

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Barbados

When traditional methods of conception fail, fertility centers are there to help.

Going abroad for IVF is a big commitment. People go all over the world for IVF treatments. From a beach vacation in Spain to a city trip in Prague, there's something for everyone.
Our partner facilities work with modern and well-equipped laboratories using the latest technologies. You will meet with highly skilled medical professionals. The most common therapies are IVF with egg donation or IVF with own oocytes. We choose our partner clinics according to their results, efficiency and overall impression.

We are here to ease your journey

When you’re dealing with infertility, every month, week, and day can feel like an eternity but you don´t have to wait, just scroll down.

We are here to ease your journey and support you during your treatment as much as possible.

Patients who work with Medistella have around 68% success rate - IVF with donor eggs therapy, around 36% in the age before female reaches 35, it is approximately 30% in the age of 36-40 years old - IVF with own eggs therapy; this proves that we only work with clinics that have a reputation for success and provide excellent care in a nurturing atmosphere.

Let’s talk more about IVF

According to the WHO (World Health Organization,) if you are a couple failing to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, it’s time to seriously talk about infertility.

Infertility can indicate a need for In-Vitro Fertilization, or IVF for short. IVF is a procedure where mature eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a lab. Once the fertilized eggs are successfully developing into embryos, they are transferred into a uterus.

Best IVF Clinics

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  • IVF Czech Republic

    AGE LIMIT: 48 + 364 days (*valid for female partner) HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES ONLY

    Great success rates, high technologies, reasonable price

    with pricing from 2390 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 4800 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    We have established partnerships with facilities among the Czech Republic such as in the capital city Prague, also Brno and other towns. We work with state of the art clinics that have experienced teams with a great attitude, long-term practice and incredible results. Our partner clinics are very accommodating with scheduling and there are enough doctors and staff available to handle the patient load. Personalized, case-by-case approach are the key components that make our partnerships unique. Easy to access, lots of direct flights from destinations such as London, Dublin, New York, Philadelphia and others.

  • IVF Slovakia

    AGE LIMIT: 52 (*valid for female partner) HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES ONLY

    Cheaper alternative

    with pricing from 1400 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 4100 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    Even though the country is small it has a lot to offer. Our partner clinics in Slovakia offer lower prices and good results. We established a link with those who care, have long term experience, are effective in terms of arranging your therapy and are ready to provide comprehensive programs. Accessible from Bratislava and Vienna airport.

  • IVF Spain

    AGE LIMIT: 52 (*valid for female partner)

    Considered as one of the leaders in IVF, higher prices

    with pricing from 3500 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 6000 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    Take advantage of a vacation atmosphere once undergoing your therapy. Our partner clinics in Spain give you an opportunity to enjoy a nice time by the Mediterranean Sea. And you can also explore marvelous historical cities. Spain is also considered one of the leaders in the fertility field. You can expect multilingual teams, the latest technologies, long-term experience, high success rates and an individual approach!

  • IVF Portugal

    AGE LIMIT: 52 (*valid for female partner) SINGLE MOMS / LESBIAN COUPLES

    Short distance destination for US patients

    with pricing from 4300 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 6055 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    Our location in Lisbon boasts a pleasant temperature year-round, top quality beaches just few kilometres from the city centre and remarkable places to visit in terms of both history and culture.


  • IVF Greece

    AGE LIMIT: 50 (*valid for female partner)

    Fertility holidays, dedicated professionals

    with pricing from 3000 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 5000 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    Another possibility to have your treatment at a clinic located by the sea. The strengths of our partner facility in Greece are expertise and professionalism. The scientific team has worked at the most reputable universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community. Their priorities are birth of a healthy child, the safety of the woman during the entire process and the psychological health of the couple. There is a big focus on donors because the clinic´s specialist values the gift a donor makes.

  • IVF Cyprus

    Liberal, modern and relaxed destionation by the sea

    with pricing from 3000 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 5000 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    Over 30 years of experience! Our partner facility accommodates your wishes for your perfect donor thanks to their advanced search system. They offer free pick up from the airport. And guarantee you will be charmed by the vibrant street life and rich history in this beautiful island city.

  • IVF Ukraine

    AGE LIMIT: 52 (*valid for female partner)

    Affordable treatments, surrogacy available

    with pricing from 2700 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 4900 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs

    One of the largest women’s health and family planning facilities in Ukraine situated in the capital city. Over 25 years experience. This center provides comprehensive care and an individual approach which corespondes to our standards.

  • IVF Barbados

    Exotic location, private care, affordable price overseas

    with pricing from 6000 USD for IVF ICSI and from 9000 USD for IVF Donor Eggs

    Exotic location in the Caribbean. We have established a partner clinic in this area in order to provide Europeans with exotic option and also, it is not far for our Canadian and American couples. You can be sure you get personalized care, high-quality medical care with an established, success-proven, internationally trained medical team.


Bear in mind that this is an ideal scenario as it might take you some time to get your actual exams which are crucial for your initial call with fertility expert.


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