Is Age Just a Number?

You may find yourself 40 or older and hoping to start having children. And you’re wondering, is it too late? You study longer and build a career or you take time to find a partner and settle down. Is age just a number when it comes to getting pregnant? This is a sensitive topic. And our stance is...

When it's time the right time to consider using donor eggs?

After a failed IUI, a miscarriage through IVF, and another IVF with aneuploidy eggs my husband & I (both around 40) began talking about using donor eggs. I can’t remember who brought up the subject first, but I do remember my feelings. And those feelings didn’t include sunshine and rainbows....

Czech Republic ranking among the best locations for your Fertility treatment

In terms of the attractiveness of medical tourism, the Czech Republicranks among the world's best. One of the reasons is, of course, the relatively low price you pay in relation to the high quality of care you receive. Well, Czech standards of healthcare are just impressive, the IVF sector not excluded....

Does a clinics IVF Success Rates really matter?

A topic that we’d like to cover is success rates (🪄the magical numbers we all want to know). Each of our clients asks the question: ‘what is the success rate of my therapy at this clinic?’  First, I want you to feel confident and secure that Medistella* personally visits each of our partnering...


Une première initiative européenne pour donner la parole aux citoyens pour l’amélioration des technologies de Procréation Médicalement Assistée (PMA) : le consortium B2-InF. Le consortium «B2-InF - Donner la parole aux citoyens pour l’amélioration de la PMA en Europe» est ravi d’annoncer...

Beautiful Beginnings

My husband and I were recommended to Medistella by my local Irish fertility consultant. We were seeking IVF treatment and the standard of care and service in the Czech Republic greatly appealed to us. Our Irish consultant reassured us that Medistella would help us to identify and...

Medistella: Your best advocate

Medistella: Your best advocate Working with Medistella and then transitioning into a Medistella advocate gave me some insights on being a patient as well as being a client. And, one thing that stands out is that Medistella is a great advocate. An advocate, by definition, is someone that protects...

7 things to know when picking a Fertility Clinic?

You’ve been diagnosed with infertility and you’re in need of help. You have questions, like what do I do now? What are my options? What does this mean for my future? How much is this going to cost? How long is this going to take? And one of the big questions: Which Clinic is best for me? Well, it’s... ne fournit aucun conseil médical, diagnostic ou traitement. fournit simplement des informations pour orienter un aperçu général. Il ne remplace aucun conseil professionnel, diagnostic ou traitement recommandé par un médecin.

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